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  1. Shipment Information

Q: Shipment Information

RV Graphics Store uses UPS for almost all shipments.  We ship to all 50 US States and Canada. With UPS shipments, the following services are available:  UPS Ship Notification and UPS tracking.

For special circumstances, alternative shipping can sometimes be made.

Delays in shipment can sometimes occur if we have shortages of materials or other manufacturing delays.

If a customer orders incorrect parts, then the shipping fees are the customer’s responsibility.  If a customer orders correct parts, but incorrect parts or damaged parts are received, then the customer may return the incorrect or damaged parts at no additional charge.  Either way, the customer will receive a UPS call tag to return parts.

RETURNS: These products are made upon request. All sales are final. However, sometimes problems can occur. If the parts that you received are damaged or incorrect, please contact us immediately so we can issue an RMA-(Return Material Authorization) and other info to assist in correcting the order. Damaged parts will be replaced. Incorrect parts can be returned for correct parts. For other issues, please contact our customer service department.