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Step 2 Removal of Adhesive

2) Removal of Adhesive

Many thanks to people who have created YouTube Videos that show how to remove adhesive from RV Sidewalls. We hope to add some of our videos soon as well.

Plastic Scrapers are preferable because they are less likely to gouge fiberglass.

A1) Most Accessible: Goof Off or Goo Gone from Hardware Stores.

A) 3M Adhesive Remover (Very Strong-Use in a Well Ventilated area)

B) Lestoil (Available at hardware stores; This product contains many different solvents. Some are oily. You must follow up with a good alcohol wipe to remove all of the Lestoil before applying graphics. Lestoil residue left behind may cause new decals to peel.

C) Rapid Remover: This is a good product that does not leave any oily residue. Still, use rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol afterward

D) GraphX Off (Vinyl and Adhesive Remover). It also removes paint. Apply Carefully. This is a good product to use for graphics that are difficult to remove with the Eraser wheel. By carefully painting GraphX Off onto vinyl decals, the vinyl will soften and buff off more easily.

Rapid Remover

More Rapid Remover:

Goof Off Adhesive Remover:

GraphX Off Vinyl and Adhesive Remover: This product will break down paint. Be careful to only paint it onto the old decals that you wish to remove.

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