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Step 8 Aftercare Products:

8) Aftercare Products:

Many thanks for the new YOUTube videos offering safe choices for vinyl graphics protection. We hope to offer some of these products for sale on our website very soon.

3M Ceramic Coating; Do not use waxes that contain petroleum distillates. Petroleum Distillates keep wax soft so that it ban be easily applied. Petroleum distillates are a broad term used for a variety of solvents which include a high proportion of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons. Over time, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons weaken the Polyvinyl Chloride molecules in the decal vinyl film. (Remember from College Chemistry, “Like Dissolves Like). So, instead, use products that do not contain Chlorinated Hydrocarbons such as silicon based spray waxes or the new 3M Ceramic Coating Kit 39901 and 3M Boost Spray 39905.

How to Apply 3M Ceramic Coating. This video shows application of the Ceramic Coating on a vinyl graphic car wrap. Use the same technique on your vinyl graphics:


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